A broken MacBook Pro can really negatively affect your personal and business life. You might use your computer for surfing the web, work business, or fun. Regardless, you need it to be in working order 24/7. A broken laptop is like not having a laptop at all.

But there are some things you can do to help prevent experiencing a broken MacBook Pro. And we’re not just gonna talk about hardware. Because software issues can lead to a trip to the repair shop as well. The most important part of keeping your MacBook safe is prevention.

Hardware Protection

There are a few preliminary prevention tips. First, there is hardware protection. This can look like:

  • Screen protectors
  • Keyboard protectors
  • Hardshell cases
  • Leather MacBook cases
  • Leather MacBook sleeves
  • Rolling up cords properly
  • Cleaning ports and surface regularly

All of these translate into fewer chances of breaking something. Screen or display protectors can prevent scratches and minor dings to the display, which can be really effective for keeping your computer in good shape. Keyboard protectors are mainly used to prevent liquid from entering in through the cracks between the keys. They do change the way the keyboard feels, but they come in various colors and are made very simply. They’re especially handy when you tend to work with a cup of coffee your hand. Hardshell and leather MacBook cases and sleeves are going to give your computer added protection when traveling or moving around. They are designed to absorb or deflect any impact your computer might receive. Cases are known to prevent extensive damage to MacBooks. Rolling up your MacBook cord with the proper method can also prevent damage to your power source. And a lot of times MacBook ports over time can be filled with lint and dust. You might want to clean these ports out and wipe down the surface of your computer every once in a while to decrease the likelihood of breakage.

Software Protection

Probably the best thing about owning a MacBook is that you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware infecting your computer. Now, sometimes a Mac is affected by these software exasperations, but it is at a drastically lower rate than other operating systems. Most of your software security is built into the Mac OS. So you really don’t need anti-virus or malware protection. In fact, this can sometimes impede the security software built into the OS updates. For those of us who have come from Windows, that’s a relief! No more subscriptions and virus scans!

However, with that being said, there are still some precautions you want to take in case you have a software issue:

  • Always have a backup.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links.
  • Never give out your personal information over the phone to a irreputable source.

If you care about your personal information and don’t want anything to happen to it, then have a backup! If you are the least bit suspicious of a website or link, take the safe route and don’t click on it. A lot of ads can be invitations for harmful stuff to enter your computer. Also, if you experience a message telling you that your MacBook is broken or infected and to call a number to get it fixed, don’t give credit card information over the phone. Many times this is a scam. Take it directly to an Apple Store or call Apple Support.

These hardware and software preventative measures are the best way to keep you from experiencing a broken MacBook Pro.

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante


Claire Masters said:

I recently dropped my MacBook by accident which unfortunately broke the screen display. Thank you for mentioning using screen protectors to prevent scratches on the glass surface. I’ll be sure to follow your advice once I am able to find a screen replacement for my MacBook. https://electronicsla.com/collections/replacment-apple-computer-parts

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