Does your MacBook Air swim around in a slightly too-big sleeve? Svelte notebooks like the MacBook Air can have a tendency to slide around in sloppy sleeve sizes designed for full-size notebooks.

If your MacBook Air is floating in a too-big bag or sleeve, it’s a dangerous game of risk. Aluminum dents easy. The frame on these is actually pretty strong, and in falls, the damage is less expensive to repair than previous models, but it’s still pricey. The cost for repairs is often so high because unibody parts might require higher quality tools or training to repair. Even the newest Macs sporting the creative displays are much stronger than the old displays before unibody, like the MacBook Pro or the older PowerMac lines. Where it may be true that single falls have broken parts in unibody MacBook Airs, because of internal tolerances leaving machines little room for deformation safely absorbing the shock of a fall, many have reported seeing unibody MacBooks skidding across pavement at highway speeds. The unibody has also occasionally survived being run over by a car.

All this to say, a properly sized sleeve for your MacBook Air is a very good idea. All notebooks and iPads need protection. A case or sleeve genuinely protects expensive hardware from the inevitable drops, fumbles, and bangs that happen.

The dedicated “computer bag” with built-in sleeves that fit exactly the shape and size of your notebook is a good choice, but some people have found that many computer bags with built-in sleeves designed to fit most notebooks, rarely fit MacBook Airs very well.

Our handcrafted leather MacBook Air sleeves fit like a glove. A tiny bit snug is what you want. We want your Air to be easy to slide in and out, but not so loose that you worry about it sliding out when you’re carrying it. The sleeve for MacBook Air features top-grain cowhide leather to protect it from impact. It also has scratch-free wool felt on the inside for added protection. The sleeve for MacBook Air is a far cry from any bulky catch-all. It is slim, tough, and stylish choice.

April 14, 2019 — Matt Marciante

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