When the majority of employees transferred from an office job to a “virtual” position last March, many began to ponder the necessity of working in person. The 20-second commute from bed to couch was more than satisfying, and the idea of dress pants was thrown out the window (or stuffed in a drawer). After a year in this routine, employers and employees are now scratching their heads, pondering if virtual offices and remote work should be a normality. Wondering the same for yourself? Here are three reasons we have found that working from home works in your favor.

Increased productivity
The biggest question everyone wants to know is, “Does working from home make you more or less productive?” Various studies have found virtual employees are 20% MORE likely to complete all of their daily tasks with time to work on additional projects. This means more time for your passion project, more time with your family, and with the increase quality of life likely comes a higher quality of work. One of the best tips for increased productivity at home is creating a space that inspires productivity and organization. Purchase a sleek, leather mousepad or a handcrafted leather notebook wallet to keep your work area organized and ready to conquer the day. Stay organized with our leather tactical keychain that combines all of your precious belongings in one place. Hand made with top-grain leather, our leather notebook wallet and tactical keychain allow you to work on the move. Keep your notes with you wherever you go. You never know when you’ll get that million-dollar idea!

Increased autonomy
One of the best parts of working from home is the increase in autonomy or ownership of one’s work. Sure, you have required meetings, but who says you can’t take a break in the middle of the day and work later at night? You can work in your house, at a coffee shop, at a library, or even outside. It's great to have a protective and stylish leather MacBook sleeve for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Our sleeves are tailored to your exact MacBook size, customized to your liking, and protects your MacBook from spills and scratches. If you have an iPad, try our leather iPad sleeve. Take your work with you, leather MacBook sleeve in hand, and conquer your work wherever you go!

Increased creativity
I think you will find that as your productivity increases and your autonomy grows, your creativity will soar! Facing writer’s block, fatigue, or lack of creativity? Spruce up your desk at home with our leather coasters and valet trays. Your home office will be filled with the fragrant aroma of leather in no time! Nothing gets those wheels turning like the glow of a candle, a cup of your favorite coffee and the scent of leather in the air.

Written for Mission Leather Co by Annelise Norris

March 11, 2021 — Matt Marciante

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