Cases for Apple products have been a choice of fashion and protection for years now. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they’re perfect for protecting your electronics from cracks, leaks, or even minor malfunctions. Choosing a case for a MacBook might be a tough experience though. It’s hard to find something that’s not only fashionable but also provides protection against any kind of damage. However, Mission Leather Co’s handmade leather cases combine style and protection.

MacBook Cases

Mission Leather Co has a variety of handmade cases for MacBooks, and all of them are made completely from 100% top-grain cowhide leather. These carefully handcrafted leather cases are great for holding your MacBook, and they look great. The leather is carefully crafted to protect your MacBook from spills, fingerprints, drops, or anything else damaging.

iPad Cases

Getting a new iPad is an experience in itself, but your second thought might be “how do I protect it?” Electronics these days are fragile, made from delicate glass and aluminum, which is all the more reason to invest in a case. Leather cases for iPads are widely praised for being a cute and fashionable way to carry your iPad around without worrying about dropping it and cracking the screen! The leather sleeve hugs the iPad perfectly and is a minimalist fashion addition for business and social situations. It definitely draws the eye, adds minimum weight and bulk, and doesn’t wear the iPad down.

Features & Quality

Our leather cases for MacBooks and iPads are slim, well-made, and carefully handcrafted. Made in a variety of classic designs and rich brown colors, these cases can match with anything, whether it’s your wardrobe or your other accessories. The quality of the build is also important for a MacBook or iPad case. It’s always better to have a sturdy sleeve instead of a cheaply-made one that breaks. The leather material is soft and sturdy enough to protect your device, and each of our leather cases is carefully sewn with a cotton/poly blend thread, which makes for guaranteed long-wear. Mission Leather Co cases are an incredible, effective way to protect your computer or device from grit and big drops.

Our leather cases are also great for people who like simple designs and the aesthetic of a minimal embellishment with solid colors. Not only do they protect, but they also have a clean look, earning fashion points from any Apple user.

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante

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