It's Halloween time! Some of us on the Mission Leather shop team are bigger sweet tooth people than the others, but we've put our collective minds together to craft what we feel like is a pretty strong ranking of all-time favorite candy. Let us know your thoughts, questions, or candy injustices done in the comments below!

Best - "Sour Patch Kids, the best movie candy there is" 
Worst - "Anything banana flavored taste like a hospital floor"

Best - "Andes Mints easily"
Worst - "Almond Joy, I hate the coconut cream, it's nasty"

Best - "Peanut M&Ms!"
Worst - "Ummm candy corn"

Best - "Heath Bar for sure!"
Worst - "Dots, they're a waste of space"

Mission Leather Co Team

October 30, 2023 — Matt Marciante

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