Raw Leather Cases Full Grain, Straight from the Cow

Cheap tanneries spend less time on every area of the tanning process, from desalting, dehairing, demeating, tanning, drying, waxing, heating, and pressing the cowhide. That is why less expensive leather cases fall apart. The bonding agents require more time to penetrate deep into the pores of the cowhide. We import the highest quality leather from Brazil and Argentina. Top-hide full grain saddleback leather cases made with saddle-stitching techniques allow the leather to age gracefully and last for years.

Mission Leather Went on a Mission
We went on a mission to find the best leather case. Sadly, there were none. So we embarked on another mission, we decided to create our own. Made from the best leather money can buy, we handcraft every order. Each case, sleeve, or wallet is custom made to last for years. Mission Leather

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