Why buy a leather MacBook Air sleeve? There are quite a few MacBook Air cases available and picking one out can be a chore. Below are three reasons you might want a handmade leather MacBook Air sleeve instead of a hard shell. 

  1. Leather MacBook Air sleeves keep your computer looking great. No scratches, no dents, and it’s easy to slide in and out. Your computer is protected, but the sleeve still lets you show off your aluminum computer to the world. It’s simpler than a hard shell case, which is struggle to clip on and then even harder to take off. A hard shell case is also going to get dirty, and sometimes they even scratch the computer upon removal.
  1. Almost no weight is added by a leather sleeve on your MacBook Air. Our sleeves are light, durable, and simple, compared to a hard shell case that will clip on an extra half a pound, or with some cases, a whole pound. There isn’t a great reason to add that kind of weight to the MacBook Air, since one reason you probably bought it is because it’s lightweight. Keeping it lightweight is what the MacBook Air is all about!
  1. A leather MacBook Air sleeve offers great protection, absorbing more impact than any hard shell case. If you drop your MacBook Air in the sleeve, the leather will take a lot of that impact, keeping your Air safe. With a hard shell case, it’s possible upon dropping that it does the same thing as the leather sleeve. But the worst case scenario would be if it pops off because of impact and dents up your computer. Perhaps it stays on but opens your screen to potential damage. Perhaps it allows the impact to warp your computer. Why risk it?  

At the end of the day, a quality handcrafted leather MacBook Air sleeve is generally going to be a better choice than a hard shell case.  You’ll get the most protection and style for your money.

April 14, 2019 — Matt Marciante

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