We've got some big updates and super exciting things coming down the pipeline in 2022. We are thrilled and cannot even explain how difficult it is to keep the news to ourselves for now while details are being finalized. What you should know though, is that with this change we have to create some space in the shop!

We've got a batch of several different leathers that we have moved on from in our normal everyday production but still have small pieces leftover that are too small for cases but large enough to be made into some of our other products. Still fantastic leathers, you may recognize some of them from past MacBook cases, iPad sleeves, and such, but since we don't use them everyday and usually just for special orders, wholesale orders, and new product testing, they take up a lot of valuable warehouse space that we now need to bring in some new things.

This is where your bonus comes in, because what we're going to do is make several batches of some of our favorite (and your favorite) products with these top-grain leathers and sell them at an EXTREMELY marked down price to help us move them faster. Same quality leather, same quality hardware and stitching. They'll be blank/unbranded, and still free standard shipping.

All sales are final, so no returns or exchanges since we're not going to be restocking these leathers. We've got several color options available and will be marking them as sold out as soon as each batch is gone, so if you see something you like, you should move quickly! 

The link is live now, and we'll be making more batches of different products until we run out of these leathers completely so we encourage you to check again daily for the next few days (it won't last long). Bulk orders are encouraged!

Happy hunting!


March 19, 2022 — Matt Marciante

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