Top Quality Leather

We use authentic, high quality, top grain leather and not corrected grain. This means that while we always do our absolute best to find the cleanest cuts and smoothest parts of the hide to cut from, the surface of the leather can definitely show the history and the character of the hide before the tanning process. This can look like wrinkles, scars, tick marks, and other natural things that were part of the cows long and well-lived life, before the hide ended up at the tannery.

Wool Felt Liner

We use a nonabrasive wool felt liner inside each of our sleeves and cases. This provides optimal protection against scuffs and scratches while your device is stored. It also helps with temperature regulaton to help minimize the chances of overheating.

Made to Order

With each item cut and sewn by hand, and made to order, you can rest assured you have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product that with proper care can last even longer than the device itself.

Made in Dallas, Texas

Purchasing from Mission Leather Co, you're supporting the small business ecosystem in the US. We're a small team, local to Dallas TX, and do everything in-house from product design, to production, and marketing. We purchase from local vendors and keep quality at a premium to uphold our brand standard and ensure you're getting the best product possible.