Leather MacBook Cases have long been a fashionable and protective option for your device. They're not only attractive, but they're also ideal for safeguarding from cracks, spills, and scuffs/scratches. The most protective top-grain leather MacBook Pro case is the only thing that stands between you and a disaster with your high-end laptop. Without a protected case, bag, or sleeve, your MacBook is at risk of being damaged — or, worse, being drowned in spilled liquids or covered in crumbs. A sturdy case with suitable sturdiness can even safeguard your Mac from mishaps.

While surface level scuffs or scrapes aren't harmful, it would be a pity to mar the sleek finish of some of Apple's most beautiful products. Even the most straightforward case can safeguard your MacBook from minor scratches, and many are inexpensive. Hardshell and challenging cases, on the other hand, can protect your device from shock, dirt, and even water and heat damage if you're prepared to pay some more.

If all you require is something to keep your MacBook Pro from scratching against the inside of your bag or briefcase during your trip, there's little need in buying an ultra-expensive armor-plated case. The handcrafted Leather MacBook Pro Cases from Mission Leather Co, on the other hand, blend style, affordability, quality, and protection.

MacBook Cases

Having a new MacBook is super exciting, but you might be wondering, "How can I protect it?" Devices these days have fragile components, composed of delicate glass and metal, which makes investing in a protective case all the more critical. Mission Leather Co offers a range of handcrafted MacBook cases, all constructed entirely of top-grain cowhide leather with a wool felt lining to further protect the device.

Leather MacBook Sleeve is commonly regarded as a stylish and comfortable way of carrying your MacBook around without fear of being dropped and damaging the screen or denting the corners! The leather sleeve is a sleek and modern fashion addition for social and business circumstances, as it meshes perfectly with the iPad. It catches the eye, adds minimal weight and size, and doesn't slow you down on the commute.

Our handmade Leather MacBook Cases are perfect for carrying your MacBook and look fantastic. The leather cases are expertly made to keep your MacBook safe from spills, scratches, drops, and other hazards. With the increase in demand and orders for the newest MacBook Pro 14" and MacBook Pro 16" models, we also produce cases for those sizes!

Our MacBook Pro 14 Inch Case and collection of MacBook Air Cases are sleek, well-made, and meticulously produced. These cases, which come in a range of traditional styles and colors, go with everything, including your clothes and other accessories. It's usually preferable to have a well-made sleeve over one that breaks easily or that you'll have to replace several times over the lifespan of the computer.

Top-grain or full-grain leather is smooth and durable enough to safeguard your device, and each one of our Leather MacBook Cases is hand-stitched with a cotton/poly mix thread for long-lasting durability. Cases from Mission Leather Co are a fantastic and economical way to protect your laptop or gadget from dirt and heavy drops.

Our leather cases are also ideal for those who like basic designs and the elegance of solid colors without a ton of bells and whistles. Not only do they provide protection, but they also feature a sleek appearance that will give any Apple user some major style points.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Leather Macbook Case:

Naturally, your face is adorned with a big grin since the mere appearance of your MacBook is enough to inspire confidence and joy. Understandably, you'd want to flaunt it, and we don't blame you. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why putting a leather MacBook case on your new device is not only a great idea but might also save you money in the long term.


While at school, work, or even just around the house, a leather cover will protect your MacBook from scrapes and dust. As technology advances, our technological toys become more and more robust. However, this should not lead you to believe that your gadget is impervious to nicks, scratches, and spills, particularly over time and as you get more comfortable with your device. Unforeseen incidents and ordinary wear-and-tear can be protected with handcrafted leather cases. They will make your gadget look fresh throughout time and may even extend the life of your MacBook.


It's so simple to slip your leather MacBook case into a bag or under your arm while you're on the go. There's no need to lug your laptop about in a big backpack or risk damaging it by moving around without protection. You don't want to be carrying your equipment everywhere without cover unless you have no concern for its safety. A MacBook sleeve can be the most convenient way to travel if you're often on the run.

The WOW Factor

When you're carrying a gorgeous, handcrafted leather case to a business meeting or corporate event, you'll make a significant first impact. A Leather MacBook Pro gains you some respect on it's own but paired with a MacBook Pro Case, with its elegant design and color that matches your personality, not only protects your device but also adds a distinct quality and feeling of individuality, especially if it's custom embossed with your name or initials. Nothing compares to the thrill of bringing originality and sturdiness to new heights.

 All-Around, Hard-Working Cases, and Covers

Our laptop cases and sleeves are intentionally created to safeguard your laptop while also giving you total control over how you carry it. Our Laptop Covers are distinguished by timeless aesthetic, intelligent product construction, and long-lasting, sustainably sourced materials.

Leather Laptop Cases for MacBooks and Other Devices

Our laptop covers are made to be a great fit with multiple sizes for the most common laptop sizes out there without affecting their appearances and feel. Though they're specifically measured for MacBook models - our support team is always more than happy to help you find the correct size if you've got another brand of laptop or tablet.


Our Design Methodology Is Long Lasting

We produce timeless items by designing our laptop covers (and all of our products) following our strict design concepts. This is why we mix outstanding quality with innovative product design, and materials are chosen for their endurance, texture, and feel. This guarantees that all of our goods are timeless and durable.

Materials that are responsibly sourced and long-lasting.

Our Macbook sleeves and cases are made by hand using noble, sustainably produced quality materials. Our cases are cut and sewn in-house, made-to-order, and tailored to the exact requirements of the most recent models.

Where to Find the Best Macbook Pro Case?

Cheap cases and sleeves should be avoided since they are likely constructed of poor-quality materials that will not withstand much harm. In addition, MacBooks are expensive machines, and you wouldn't want to be stuck with a hefty replacement expense because you choose a low-quality cover.

Mission Leather Co was founded to make high-quality, handcrafted items that would provide Apple users with the finest of fashion, function, and safety. Everything is created and produced in Dallas, Texas, using only the best sustainably sourced leather. As a result, our Leather MacBook cases, sleeves, and accessories are tough and long-lasting, yet they don't come at an inflated price. We'd like to believe we're all steak and very little sizzle.

We choose and source materials with care at Mission Leather Co. Not just because of the appearance but also their endurance, functionality, and long-term viability. For a variety of our items, we utilize full-grain leather from right here in the US. The superb quality of this leather is well recognized and will last you most likely even longer than your MacBook itself.

March 21, 2022 — Matt Marciante

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