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American Bison Leather vs Traditional Cowhide Leather

American Bison Leather vs Traditional Cowhide Leather

There can sometimes be some confusion between "buffalo leather" and "bison leather" which are two different things! Buffalo is a species found in Asian and Africa, most commonly water buffalo. Bison refers to the North American species, "American Bison" as seen here in our limited edition Horween Leather bison leather MacBook Sleeve.

Both are fairly common in leather, though not as much as cowhide. Bison is a much larger animal that lives a very different lifestyle than typical cattle so you can imagine their hide is much different as well. It's thicker, and with a heavier grain that stands out when compared to standard cowhide. To preserve the look of that grain, the hides are not stretched out during the tanning process. This means that the hides are typically thicker and more durable as a finished product.

Cowhide, Water Buffalo, and American Bison can all produce hides that make excellent finished leathers and excellent leather products that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and continue to get better with age. A majority of our products are made with full grain cowhide leather, including our very popular Leather MacBook Sleeve available here for purchase in a variety of sizes and leather colors to fit and help you customize your specific MacBook model.

June 28, 2021 — Matt Marciante

The Benefits of Working from Home

“Does working from home make you more or less productive?”
March 11, 2021 — Matt Marciante
Fashionable Protection For Your MacBook and iPad

Fashionable Protection For Your MacBook and iPad

If you’re a die-hard leather fan, and you genuinely like making a minimalist fashion statement, buying a protective leather case from Mission Leather is a great decision.
April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Reasons Why You Need A Leather MacBook Case

Reasons Why You Need A Leather MacBook Case

Mikayla Blease | Mission Leather Co

You’re standing around campus, in the library, or at the office, and your new MacBook is tucked under your arm. A wide smile is painted across your face because just the mere presence of your MacBook is enough to warrant some form of confidence and excitement. Showing it off would naturally be your first inclination, and we don’t blame you. However, there are a number of reasons why slapping a leather MacBook case on your new piece of tech isn’t just a good idea but could also wind up saving you money in the long run.

Here are some reasons you need a leather MacBook case:


A leather case is going to keep your MacBook safe from scratches and dirt while at school, work, or around the house. Technology is improving, and with that, our tech toys are becoming more and more durable, but this shouldn’t fool you into thinking your device is immune from nicks, scratches, and stains—especially over time. Handmade leather cases can protect against unforeseen mishaps and general wear and tear. Over time, they will keep your device looking new and could even lengthen your MacBook’s life.


It’s so easy and convenient to easily slide your leather MacBook case into a backpack or under your arm on the fly. There’s no need to have a bulky laptop bag or run the risk of carrying it around without a case. Unless you have zero regard for your tech’s well-being, you don’t really want to be toting it around without protection. If you’re the type of person who is always on the go, a leather MacBook case may be the easiest best way to travel.

Wow Factor

You will have no problem making a great first impression when you’re toting a stylish, handmade leather MacBook case to a job interview or business meeting. With a sleek style and a color that fits your personality, a leather MacBook case doesn’t only act as protection but lends a unique quality and sense of personalization to your tech, especially if you get it branded with your initials. Nothing beats the feeling of taking personalization and durability to the next level.

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April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
How To Create An Atmosphere Where You Can Do Your Best Work

How To Create An Atmosphere Where You Can Do Your Best Work

Rubber Mallet Hardware | Mission Leather Co

Most people want to do well. But sometimes we find ourselves in a rut. Life is no longer satisfying. Work is no longer fulfilling. And our creativity is extinguished. So how can you do your best work when it all seems so monotonous? When it comes down to it, it’s not about necessarily changing your life with drastic measures. Most of the time you don’t need to change careers. There are a few things you can do that will increase your creativity, and more importantly, give you better and more fulfilling results in all areas of your life.

Invite Inspiration

Does anyone know where inspiration truly comes from? Probably not. But there are ways to improve the probability of being inspired. It’s not just by listening to motivational speakers, though that’s great too! Inspiration comes from finding people you want to emulate. Then following them in their ideas and practices. Inviting inspiration is simply a matter of inviting people you admire into your life. Whether that be at work or at home or even in a social setting. It doesn’t really matter. Wherever you go, you will be inspired if you are around people you look up to.

Invoke Aspiration

To do your best work you must aspire for more. Push yourself to go to greater heights, and work toward going further than you’ve ever gone before. Aspiration is the desire to be better, do better, and live better. Usually, you already have an idea of what you want to become. If you don’t, then defining this would be the first step to invoking aspiration. Find out where you want to go, and who you want to be known as. Then feed that desire. Change for the better happens when we want to change for the better, and by discovering what a better state of being looks like, you start building up that desire.

Increase Innovation

Every business appreciates innovation, and improving in this area gives an individual a more powerful presence wherever they go. People admire innovative individuals who are producing new methods of efficiency and results. To begin to do your best work and be recognized for it, increase your individual innovation. To harness innovation, we have to think outside the box. Apple is one example of a truly innovative company that has developed multiple product lines that were inspired by forward thinking. In the same way, at Mission Leather Co, we don’t settle for average. But rather, we develop fine, quality leather MacBook cases and leather sleeves that are characterized by being handmade and long-lasting.

Regardless of where you are in life, it’s always better to be better. And if you can do your best work, then great things are in store for you. To cultivate an atmosphere that yields the best results is a task that is up to you. If you want to get the most out of life, then be sure to invite inspiration, invoke aspiration, and increase innovation. Doing this will give you the ability and tools to do your life’s best work yet.

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Five Ways To Substantially Simplify Your Life

Five Ways To Substantially Simplify Your Life

Polishing Leather MacBook Case | Mission Leather Co

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

Are you going through life without an awareness of your surroundings? Maybe you realize you have absolutely no idea what happened last week, but you’re pretty well booked for the next month. You think about what you are about to do but forget to enjoy it. Sound familiar? Most Americans simply cannot stop their fast-paced lifestyle. But is a rushing, sophisticated, and distracted existence really what you desire? To simplify your life means to calm it down enough to thoroughly embrace it. When we simplify our lives, we are choosing to let go of what is inconsequential and hold onto what matters. Family, experiences, good food, and great beauty. These are some things, of many, that keep life from being frittered away. 

1. Stop doing what you hate.

The wise people in our lives will always tell us to stop doing something if we hate it. Very few of us actually listen to them, but they are right! Although we might find ourselves stuck in something unbearable, the moment we stop gives the opportunity for transformation. Are you realizing that something in your life is only causing consternation? Stress can be a dangerous side effect in your life. And if you have no passion or sense of fulfillment for what you do, you may be going down a destructive path. So stop doing it. Rather, do your best work in whatever form that might take. You only have one life to live, so don’t waste time on something you don’t care about.

2. Focus on what matters.

Everyone has a different idea of what matters most. That is our unique quality as individuals. The question is, what matters to you personally? Is it your family and friends? Is it living up to your own standards of success? Or standing out against the crowd to promote something of value? Whatever matters to you, immerse yourself in it. There is so much in your life that is simply excess. If you got rid of the excess, it would genuinely improve your life. It’s worth it to consider what’s in your life and determine if it really matters. Keep in mind the time and energy you spend on something and the outcomes that result. 

3. Buy quality things that work.

One of the most valuable keys to living a simplified life is to make smart purchases. This means finding things that make life easier and produce a high reward. For example, when you consider which computer to buy, get the one that will last the longest instead of settling for the cheapest. And when you get a case for that computer, buy a leather computer case instead of a cheap plastic one.

Simple, yet creative and well-rated purchases give you an uncomplicated future. You won’t be looking for replacements as often. And you don’t have to spend extra energy making up for something that is only doing a halfway job. You’ll worry less and have a pleasant experience with your purchase more often. Products like MacBooks and leather cases and goods are prime examples of quality purchases. Buy things that work—not things that will break down or wear out in a short time. 

4. Don’t overthink your relationships.

Nowadays, relationships are quickly increasing in complexity. Interaction with others is becoming more complicated as the internet and social media expand our sense of connection. Now, humans around the world are connecting with each other over the web without ever talking in person. We rarely have face-to-face exchanges anymore. And even if you know someone personally, much of your interaction could still be through social media platforms. Most complications occurs when things aren’t clear between individuals. Assumptions are made and people can become dramatically confused by slight or subtle nuances. The disadvantage of our modern-day communication methods is that they don’t carry the clear signals of body language and tone of voice that accompany a face-to-face conversation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Go out of your way to talk to people in person. Be as clear as you can. Give and receive grace. And always ask when in doubt.

5. Enjoy your story rather than worrying about someone else’s.

If you want life to get complicated real fast, worry about someone else’s life. If you want to simplify your life, write your own story. Enjoy it. The worst thing is to get so distracted with someone else’s story that you never get a chance to live your own. It’s not about the beginning. And it’s not even about the end. The words and actions in between are what count. Enjoy the process of living. 

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

Perhaps you like staying busy. But busyness doesn’t equal success. Do things that are worth your while and take out everything else. Remove the superfluous and learn to say no to things that won’t give you happiness. By simplifying your life, you can improve it. Simplification does not happen overnight. It doesn’t even happen in a week. And many things will try to complicate your life again and again. Remember that simplifying is a process and a lifestyle.

You only have one life. What will you do today to simplify it?

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Stand Out With A Leather MacBook Case

Stand Out With A Leather MacBook Case

Tan Leather MacBook Case | Mission Leather Co

We all are seeking to stand out as above and far beyond the crowd. A human’s greatest desire is to be recognized and looked upon as someone with significance. This is often defined by our quality and quantity of originality. 

What does being original mean?

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.”  –John Mason

The definition of original is described with words like fresh, new, inventive, and novel. Being original means being first. It means being the model for others. Much of our lives involves copying others, going down the path that other people have tread. But there’s a good chunk of us who believe in taking the road less traveled. You are a unique and intricate individual. Your life should reflect that as much as possible, and part of your life includes accessories. Your MacBook is changing your life when it comes to productivity, creativity, and convenience. And a genuine leather MacBook case changes your life when it comes to protection, originality, and personality. 

What makes a top-grain leather MacBook case original?

Accessories are small, but flashy images of our personality and character. We work them into our lives to reflect our individuality. Sometimes it’s about practicality, and sometimes it’s all about a sleek, minimalistic look. Whatever it is that you want to convey, express yourself with quality and style. Our original leather MacBook cases stand out. There are several features why having a top-grain leather MacBook case ranks it among top performers for MacBook cases. And every one of them works to describe your own originality:

  • Rich Color and Feel
  • Quality Durability and Protection
  • Top Graded Materials
  • Handcrafted and Designed
  • Detailed and Made with Care
  • Minimalist Construct

Acquire something few others have: an original, handmade leather MacBook case that is made-to-order and made for you. There is nothing like a personalized accessory in your possession.

Adding Value to Your Life

When we talk about adding value to your life, it’s not smoke and mirrors. Everything about our top-grain leather MacBook cases gives you, as the owner, specific benefits. These cases are not made to break down and wear out quickly like other cases. They are made to last you a long time, and leather offers a material that is protective for knocks and dings. Traveling just became more convenient too. Leather MacBook cases have a portable and lightweight design for the safety of your MacBook. Carrying around your personal computer can be cumbersome with a hefty case. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you have a leather case or sleeve for it.

Leather MacBook cases also have rich earthy colors like black, brown, dark brown, and tan. So finding the color that goes with your original style is incredibly easy.

How do you find your originality?

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Tips On How To Avoid A Broken MacBook Pro

Tips On How To Avoid A Broken MacBook Pro

Wool Felt Lining | Mission Leather Co

A broken MacBook Pro can really negatively affect your personal and business life. You might use your computer for surfing the web, work business, or fun. Regardless, you need it to be in working order 24/7. A broken laptop is like not having a laptop at all.

But there are some things you can do to help prevent experiencing a broken MacBook Pro. And we’re not just gonna talk about hardware. Because software issues can lead to a trip to the repair shop as well. The most important part of keeping your MacBook safe is prevention.

Hardware Protection

There are a few preliminary prevention tips. First, there is hardware protection. This can look like:

  • Screen protectors
  • Keyboard protectors
  • Hardshell cases
  • Leather MacBook cases
  • Leather MacBook sleeves
  • Rolling up cords properly
  • Cleaning ports and surface regularly

All of these translate into fewer chances of breaking something. Screen or display protectors can prevent scratches and minor dings to the display, which can be really effective for keeping your computer in good shape. Keyboard protectors are mainly used to prevent liquid from entering in through the cracks between the keys. They do change the way the keyboard feels, but they come in various colors and are made very simply. They’re especially handy when you tend to work with a cup of coffee your hand. Hardshell and leather MacBook cases and sleeves are going to give your computer added protection when traveling or moving around. They are designed to absorb or deflect any impact your computer might receive. Cases are known to prevent extensive damage to MacBooks. Rolling up your MacBook cord with the proper method can also prevent damage to your power source. And a lot of times MacBook ports over time can be filled with lint and dust. You might want to clean these ports out and wipe down the surface of your computer every once in a while to decrease the likelihood of breakage.

Software Protection

Probably the best thing about owning a MacBook is that you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware infecting your computer. Now, sometimes a Mac is affected by these software exasperations, but it is at a drastically lower rate than other operating systems. Most of your software security is built into the Mac OS. So you really don’t need anti-virus or malware protection. In fact, this can sometimes impede the security software built into the OS updates. For those of us who have come from Windows, that’s a relief! No more subscriptions and virus scans!

However, with that being said, there are still some precautions you want to take in case you have a software issue:

  • Always have a backup.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links.
  • Never give out your personal information over the phone to a irreputable source.

If you care about your personal information and don’t want anything to happen to it, then have a backup! If you are the least bit suspicious of a website or link, take the safe route and don’t click on it. A lot of ads can be invitations for harmful stuff to enter your computer. Also, if you experience a message telling you that your MacBook is broken or infected and to call a number to get it fixed, don’t give credit card information over the phone. Many times this is a scam. Take it directly to an Apple Store or call Apple Support.

These hardware and software preventative measures are the best way to keep you from experiencing a broken MacBook Pro.

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Leather MacBook Sleeve

Five Reasons Why A Leather MacBook Case Is The Right Choice

Brown Leather MacBook Sleeve | Mission Leather Co

MacBook users today have literally hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the right case for their computer. You are looking for material, feel, quality, and protection. Not only that, you want something that’s going to really personalize it. That being said, the best decision you’ll ever make is to go for a leather MacBook case. Leather has unique qualities that you’ll not only enjoy but promote. Every leather MacBook case made by Mission Leather Co is handmade with quality in mind. MacBook users buy from Apple for good reasons. And it’s these same reasons that make a leather case the right choice.

1. Minimalist Design

One of the most distinguishing factors of the MacBook is the slim design. The people who craft Apple personal computers know that customers appreciate lightweight and minimalistic features. The leather MacBook case is similar in nature. Although leather is thin, these cases have a robust quality. And authentic leather is one of the most minimalistic materials from which to build a MacBook case. You don’t have to lug around a giant briefcase or backpack to carry your computer anymore. A simple, lightweight, leather case or sleeve is all you need to transport and protect your MacBook.

2. Genuine Leather Creates Luxurious Look and Feel

Reviews on leather MacBook cases prove that they have the best feel compared to many other materials. The best leather is durable, and yet yields an impressive look too. In addition to being soft and comfortable, leather cases smell great. Consumers who love that rustic, yet opulent, look combined with a smooth touch appreciate the leather MacBook cases most of all. Leather cases that are handmade are shaped in a way that is practical and feels natural.

3. Quality Craftsmanship That Lasts for Years

As technology has advanced, more and more products have become massed produced. It used to be that everything was handmade and had a great quality by nature. Then companies and CEOs found engineers and designers to make things cheaper and faster. This is great for getting product distributed at a low cost, but what did we lose in the meantime? Mainly, quality. What we used to be able to use for a lifetime became garbage in a few years. And what used to last a few years, only lasted a few months. But there’s a new shift among entrepreneurs and in the general field of production. Even large business are changing their ways.

People are realizing that they actually do prefer quality to quantity. That the long-lasting nature of a product is worth the extra money at the onset. Because in the end, consumers who purchase for quality are actually saving money. MacBook leather cases are one of these such products. MacBook users can acquire a cheap case from anywhere. But the lifespan of that case in considerably lower. On the other hand, handmade leather cases can last for years. Things that consist of quality craftsmanship will last far into the future, and the benefits increase with time. Leather MacBook cases provide the benefit of durability and quality that is unmatched by most other forms of protection.

4. Protection

Protection, protection, protection. This cannot be stressed to Apple MacBook users enough. We all know how costly MacBooks are. They are an investment that should last for many years. And they tend to do very well. However, if something breaks or goes wrong with your MacBook, you can be paying pretty high repair costs. And these repair costs only go up as the MacBooks get more intricate and include more features.

Needless to say, walking around without a case or sleeve for your MacBook is just not a good idea. We all know someone who has dropped or broken a device because of lack of protection and care. And the results are never pretty. People are traveling around more than ever with their personal computers. This is one of the benefits of laptops. However, a single mishap can often result in being forced to purchase a new computer.

To prevent injury to mobile devices or laptops we use cases or sleeves as a protective layer. Some people even put screen protectors and glass films on their displays in case of dropping. These are great ideas, and hopefully will save you a trip to the Apple Genius Bar. But be sure that your case is going to do the job it was intended for. There are a lot of cheap, ineffective cases out there masquerading as protective options.

One of the benefits of a leather case is the protection it affords. Durable leather is a great layer to put between your MacBook and the outside world. Especially when traveling or transporting your laptop from one location to another. Although genuine leather is slim, it is tenacious when it comes to being bumped around. Leather doesn’t tear easily, and leather MacBook cases don’t really ever come apart if they are made right.

5. Precision and Detail That Makes Your MacBook Leather Case Stand Out

As a MacBook user, you are among millions. This is considerably higher than any other computer company. But don’t be alarmed about being one user among millions. That’s not a bad thing. Apple is the top of its class, and you should feel great about having the highest quality computer. However, why not personalize your computer with a leather MacBook case to really make you and it stand out?

The creation of a leather case is all about precision and attention to detail. Every skilled leather worker knows his craft to the point where even minor blemishes are poignant in his eyes. And the best craftsmen work until every case is perfect every time. In fact, almost every aspect of crafting a leather MacBook case requires care. From the stitching to the staining. And it’s this professionalism that makes a leather case truly stand out.

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Three Reasons Why You Want The iPad Pro For Business

Three Reasons Why You Want The iPad Pro For Business

Leather iPad Sleeve | Mission Leather Co

Although the iPad Pro has been out for a little while now, it is still one of the most wanted items for business use. It is a great personal device, but it really was designed in every aspect to take care of creative and business needs. It increases value and productivity. It is a useful tool among many fields. Businesses realize that their flexibility, creativity, and communication increase in a company that is equipped with mobile devices. And now, more than ever, the iPad Pro is being utilized for business purposed. From the advantages of the smart connector to the Apple Pencil, it is a great addition to your network of devices for business use.

1. Your New Mobile Office

The iPad Pro is upgraded to handle the need for mobile devices in the workplace. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or architect to get the most out of your iPad Pro. Anyone can use it! They are simple and intuitive with their operating system. They have a great display and are built to last a long time. However, more importantly, they contain a chip that makes it possible to do things never done before on an iPad.

Take your office mobile with cloud-based applications that sync between all your devices. Invite input from your whole team as they utilize markup and other modifications to documents and PDFs. It’s also a simple way to get information to your team faster. And it can give your team the feedback tool to open up the door for increased innovation.

2. The Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

One of the most advantageous properties of the newer iPad Pros are the accessories. You can equip it with the smart keyboard or Apple Pencil to use for specific functions. The smart keyboard connects automatically to the iPad Pro through smart connectors on the bottom of the iPad. This feature bypasses the old way of connecting external keyboards with Bluetooth. You won’t be worrying about your iPad’s keyboard ever running out of battery or coming unconnected. The smart keyboard is also made of silicone, so it protects the face of the iPad Pro when folded. However, it is still recommended to put your iPad inside an iPad Pro sleeve or leather iPad Pro case to protect it during travel.

The Apple Pencil is also a great item to have on hand for a couple reasons. First, it is great for marking up documents or helping get neat editing for photos. It is also many times used for design work. The Apple Pencil is great because it is rechargeable and easy to carry around. And you get a precision with it that is unparalleled among other stylists.

3. It’s Built for Professional Grade Apps

From the Microsoft Office suite to Lightroom and Photoshop, the iPad Pro is ideal for advanced business applications. It’s split screen and picture-in-picture options give it a greater flexibility than other iPads and tablets. Many apps have been developed specifically for use with the iPad Pro, and you won’t need to worry about the iPad being able to handle bigger apps at all. You have in your hands the most capable iPad ever. Why not bring this amazing tech into your business?

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
Five Unique Ways To Personalize Your MacBook Pro

Five Unique Ways To Personalize Your MacBook Pro

Dark Brown Leather MacBook Sleeve | Mission Leather Co

So you have your new MacBook Pro. You’ve ordered online or were lucky enough to find it available at the nearest Apple Store. But now you need to personalize your new MacBook Pro! You have a computer that will last you for years. Do something that gives it a personal touch. Not only will it help you distinguish your personal computer from everyone else’s, you will come to enjoy it even more.

1. Stickers/Decals

Putting a beautifully designed sticker or decal is the number one option for people who want to personalize their new MacBook Pro. Decals can be ordered on specific websites like Etsy, and there is a huge variety to choose from. Whether you’re into sci-fi, sports, crafts, or words, there is a decal that is right for you.

2. Leather MacBook Case or Sleeve

Getting a leather MacBook case or sleeve is also a great way to personalize your new MacBook Pro. Leather MacBook cases are sturdy, durable, minimalistic, and bring a great, customized look. You can get them at here in various color options. MacBook leather cases are great for traveling and allow you to fit adapters, charging cable, and other small items in the case itself. While leather MacBook sleeves are a little different and have a minimalistic design that denotes the same standard of portability as your MacBook.

3. Touch Bar Options

The most exhilarating thing about the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. This unique aspect of the new keyboard opens up many different options for personalization. The goal of the Touch Bar is to bring items right to you instead of having to search for them. Here’s how to customize your Touch Bar so you can get the most out of your machine:

Locate System Preferences → Go to Keyboard → Select “Customize Control Strip”

This will bring up the control strip menu. You are then able to click on what you would like to display on the control strip and drag it down onto the bar.

4. Appearance

Much of what you see on the brilliant MacBook Pro display can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences. The great thing about having a Mac computer is that all of these customizations are intuitive. Here’s a few things you can do to really personalize your new MacBook Pro:

  • Change the desktop wallpaper
  • Enable “show percentage” for battery life
  • Hide your dock
  • Personalize the Touch Bar

5. Silver or Space Gray

For years MacBooks were only available in a silver color. In recent years, however, we saw that change when Apple opened up your choices. You are able to personalize your MacBook Pro by choosing the color to be either "space gray" or silver. And, as you might imagine, "space gray" is dominating the market. Apple fans are loving the sleek look.

Personalizing your MacBook Pro can be done now in new and more ways than ever. What are some of the things you plan to do to make your laptop your own?

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante
The Three Things You Appreciate As A Mac User

The Three Things You Appreciate As A Mac User

Poodle with Mikayla Blease and Leather MacBook Case | Mission Leather Co

As a Mac user, you appreciate the amazing ways Apple has changed the way you live. Apple products are simple, universal, compelling, and quality. Much of what people do and purchase is based off what they want their lives to reflect and exemplify, and in this case, there is no variance. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with Mac?

Here are three specific things everyone who owns a Mac is looking for:

1. Simplicity

Mac users are devoted to their computers because of the Mac experience. This great experience is cultivated around simplicity and the idea that more isn’t always better. An increased number of options available doesn’t mean they are improved in quality. Apple has recognized that computer and technology users want something that’s going to work, be simple, and be easy to use.

The advantage of the Mac interface is that there are intuitive command options. No matter what the task, it never becomes convoluted beyond control. Macs keep things uncomplicated and easy to maneuver. This gives creatives, students, and businesses more time to be creative and become more productive. Being a Mac user, you don’t have the hassle of learning a completely new system for every software update year after year. Neither do you have to experience complicated interface issues that entrap you in endless troubleshooting loops.

The people who purchase Mac computers value simplicity in all their products. In the same way, Mission Leather Co is devoted to crafting leather MacBook cases and leather MacBook sleeves that are a simple approach to protecting your laptop.

2. Usability

Jumping off the attribute of simplicity, Mac users also appreciate the usability of their computers. Usability is more than just being able to operate the basic functions of a computer with ease. It’s all about crafting an experience that allows room for the individual to be creative. Mac owners are given the building blocks to imagine, conceive, and design their best work.

MacBooks and iPads have portability, and iMacs have brilliant displays and functional ports, and it’s easy to connect all three. Mac users don’t just appreciate one product, they are empowered by the interaction of the whole Apple ecosystem. When it comes to usability, Mac owners know that they are getting the most user-friendly computers on the planet. And as Mac owners ourselves, we know you’ll appreciate the comparable usability of our leather MacBook and iPad cases at Mission Leather Co.

3. Quality

The worst thing in the world is when you purchase a pricey computer only to have it be filled with so many viruses, malware, and pop-ups that you can’t use it any longer. This is a common occurrence among other computers, even to the point where you can lose all usability within a year’s time. Mac users get a different experience. The amount of software issues on a Mac computer is minuscule compared to other computer operating systems. But the quality of Apple computers is not just in their software, it’s established in the hardware as well.

Mac computers are built to last for years and years. You shouldn’t have to replace your laptop every year, and you shouldn’t have to worry about hardware failures cutting you off from your studies or business. The care that goes into the details of creating Mac computers is more intense than any other computer line. And Mac users appreciate this care because it translates into long-lasting, quality products.

Similarly, Mac users appreciate the intrinsic craftsmanship of Mission Leather Co’s product line. Our MacBook leather cases grant you quality and long-lasting cases that you can appreciate in the same way you do your Mac computer.

April 18, 2019 — Matt Marciante