The Three Things You Appreciate As A Mac User

The Three Things You Appreciate As A Mac User

Poodle with Mikayla Blease and Leather MacBook Case | Mission Leather Co

As a Mac user, you appreciate the amazing ways Apple has changed the way you live. Apple products are simple, universal, compelling, and quality. Much of what people do and purchase is based off what they want their lives to reflect and exemplify, and in this case, there is no variance. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with Mac?

Here are three specific things everyone who owns a Mac is looking for:

1. Simplicity

Mac users are devoted to their computers because of the Mac experience. This great experience is cultivated around simplicity and the idea that more isn’t always better. An increased number of options available doesn’t mean they are improved in quality. Apple has recognized that computer and technology users want something that’s going to work, be simple, and be easy to use.

The advantage of the Mac interface is that there are intuitive command options. No matter what the task, it never becomes convoluted beyond control. Macs keep things uncomplicated and easy to maneuver. This gives creatives, students, and businesses more time to be creative and become more productive. Being a Mac user, you don’t have the hassle of learning a completely new system for every software update year after year. Neither do you have to experience complicated interface issues that entrap you in endless troubleshooting loops.

The people who purchase Mac computers value simplicity in all their products. In the same way, Mission Leather Co is devoted to crafting leather MacBook cases and leather MacBook sleeves that are a simple approach to protecting your laptop.

2. Usability

Jumping off the attribute of simplicity, Mac users also appreciate the usability of their computers. Usability is more than just being able to operate the basic functions of a computer with ease. It’s all about crafting an experience that allows room for the individual to be creative. Mac owners are given the building blocks to imagine, conceive, and design their best work.

MacBooks and iPads have portability, and iMacs have brilliant displays and functional ports, and it’s easy to connect all three. Mac users don’t just appreciate one product, they are empowered by the interaction of the whole Apple ecosystem. When it comes to usability, Mac owners know that they are getting the most user-friendly computers on the planet. And as Mac owners ourselves, we know you’ll appreciate the comparable usability of our leather MacBook and iPad cases at Mission Leather Co.

3. Quality

The worst thing in the world is when you purchase a pricey computer only to have it be filled with so many viruses, malware, and pop-ups that you can’t use it any longer. This is a common occurrence among other computers, even to the point where you can lose all usability within a year’s time. Mac users get a different experience. The amount of software issues on a Mac computer is minuscule compared to other computer operating systems. But the quality of Apple computers is not just in their software, it’s established in the hardware as well.

Mac computers are built to last for years and years. You shouldn’t have to replace your laptop every year, and you shouldn’t have to worry about hardware failures cutting you off from your studies or business. The care that goes into the details of creating Mac computers is more intense than any other computer line. And Mac users appreciate this care because it translates into long-lasting, quality products.

Similarly, Mac users appreciate the intrinsic craftsmanship of Mission Leather Co’s product line. Our MacBook leather cases grant you quality and long-lasting cases that you can appreciate in the same way you do your Mac computer.

Matt Marciante
Two Reasons Why Minimalism Is The Best Way To Live Life

Two Reasons Why Minimalism Is The Best Way To Live Life

David Blease Leather MacBook Sleeve | Mission Leather Co

Do you find yourself overly stressed with all that’s going on in your life? The more time we invest in being busy, the more weighed down we feel. This is where the idea of minimalism comes in. Minimalism strips away all of the unnecessary things and allows you to focus on the most important things. Here are two reasons why minimalism is the best way to live your life.

Less Is More

Simplicity says more than clutter will ever say. Clutter comes many ways—mental, physical, spiritual—and it’s easy to lose focus on the things you love the most. And sometimes you have to say goodbye to the old and dusty clutter to create room for what is truly important and for new things to enter your life. With minimalism, you have time and energy to devote your attention to something you really care about.

Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes buying a cheaper product feels good in the moment, but is it really worth it when that product breaks, rips, or wears easily? You usually end up buying repurchasing that item. You don’t save money, and you’ve just wasted your time. Minimalism is about having quality, lasting products that make your life simpler.

Check out the #minimalism to encounter a world full of beauty and minimalist inspiration.

Matt Marciante
Each Case Has A Story!

Each Case Has A Story!

Sewing Leather MacBook Case | Mission Leather Co

We live in a world that is all about automation. Rarely do we find a product that is handmade here in the United States. Before Mission Leather Co was created, our dilemma was that we couldn’t find a high-quality leather MacBook case. So we made our own here in Dallas, Texas. And when creating our first custom leather cases for others, we knew we wanted them all to be made by hand one by one in order to guarantee the best product. Each leather case takes time and attention to make. Every detail is important. It requires more than just a blueprint. Our leather is carefully selected for each case. We understand the importance of quality over quantity.

Somehow, we tend to feel closer to humanity as a whole and to a product when it’s made by a human and not a machine. We love that each one of our MacBook leather cases is different. We love that each handmade product has a story. When buying from a chain store, they just want to sell a product to you. But at Mission Leather Co, we understand the importance of the character and customization of the product. We have monogramming available and a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Our goal is to make this case feel like it was made for you. And when someone comes across your case, we want them to understand that it is one of a kind, just like you.

Matt Marciante

Who's Buying Our Cases?

Map of the different locations where people have bought from Mission Leather Co (see interactive map here)

Every time a new order comes in, one of the first things we like to do is look at where the order came from. And we’ve discovered that leather appeals to everyone. Our cases can be found in 44 states throughout the United States, 37 different countries, and 6 continents. A little more than half of our orders come from the US, with the rest coming from different parts of the world. 

We love that Mission Leather Co cases can be found from the UK to Australia to Japan to the US, and we am so amazed and honored that we have been able to make them for so many different people, in so many different places. We am passionate about what we do and creating the best products we can. We enjoy hearing from our customers from all over the globe about what they have to say about our handcrafted leather cases.

Our goal is to appeal to any buyer who is looking for a well-crafted handmade case for their iPad or MacBook. Our cases are made to be durable and help protect your MacBook and iPad, using only the very best materials. And while we know it is not possible to appeal to everyone, we are always looking to improve and expand what is available to anyone looking for a handmade, quality product.

Looking at the map of where we have shipped our cases makes us proud of what we do, and we am excited for even more people to enjoy Mission Leather Co products in the future. So don’t forget to tell your friends how much you love your Mission Leather Co case!

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Smell and feel the difference: Top-Grain Cowhide vs "Genuine Leather"

Smell and feel the difference: Top-Grain Cowhide vs "Genuine Leather"

Tan Top-Grain Leather Cowhide | Mission Leather Co

Mmmmm … do you smell that? That’s the smell of 100% top-grain leather gently hugging your MacBook.

When it comes to protecting your expensive tech gear, Mission Leather Co excels in providing only the very best in both material and design.

For example, most leather cases on the market are made with genuine leather, which is produced from the leftover layers of hide after the top layers are split off to be used for better grades of leather. The surface is then refinished, often with spray paint, to appear like higher grades. But don’t be fooled. Genuine leather stains extremely easily and does not wear well with age. Additionally, if any liquid comes into contact with genuine leather, it will peel and flake. And because the hide used to make genuine leather is so thin, it is sometimes bonded to vinyl to make it sturdier. This often gives the leather a plastic appearance. It also does not feel or smell like nicer leathers.

Here at Mission Leather Co, we use only top-grain cowhide leather, which is stronger and far more durable than its genuine counterpart. Top-grain leather is made from the top layer of hide, which is sanded to be soft and supple and to remove any scars and scrapes from the hide. Our leather cases are untreated to highlight the natural quality of the leather. Our cases age beautifully, as the colors deepen and the leather becomes even softer over time. We know you will see, feel, and even smell the difference in quality!

Matt Marciante
Sleeves That Save: MacBook Air

Sleeves That Save: MacBook Air

Brown Leather MacBook Sleeve with Strap | Mission Leather Co

Does your MacBook Air swim around in a slightly too-big sleeve? Svelte notebooks like the MacBook Air can have a tendency to slide around in sloppy sleeve sizes designed for full-size notebooks.

If your MacBook Air is floating in a too-big bag or sleeve, it’s a dangerous game of risk. Aluminum dents easy. The frame on these is actually pretty strong, and in falls, the damage is less expensive to repair than previous models, but it’s still pricey. The cost for repairs is often so high because unibody parts might require higher quality tools or training to repair. Even the newest Macs sporting the creative displays are much stronger than the old displays before unibody, like the MacBook Pro or the older PowerMac lines. Where it may be true that single falls have broken parts in unibody MacBook Airs, because of internal tolerances leaving machines little room for deformation safely absorbing the shock of a fall, many have reported seeing unibody MacBooks skidding across pavement at highway speeds. The unibody has also occasionally survived being run over by a car.

All this to say, a properly sized sleeve for your MacBook Air is a very good idea. All notebooks and iPads need protection. A case or sleeve genuinely protects expensive hardware from the inevitable drops, fumbles, and bangs that happen.

The dedicated “computer bag” with built-in sleeves that fit exactly the shape and size of your notebook is a good choice, but some people have found that many computer bags with built-in sleeves designed to fit most notebooks, rarely fit MacBook Airs very well.

Our handcrafted leather MacBook Air sleeves fit like a glove. A tiny bit snug is what you want. We want your Air to be easy to slide in and out, but not so loose that you worry about it sliding out when you’re carrying it. The sleeve for MacBook Air features top-grain cowhide leather to protect it from impact. It also has scratch-free wool felt on the inside for added protection. The sleeve for MacBook Air is a far cry from any bulky catch-all. It is slim, tough, and stylish choice.

Matt Marciante
Leather MacBook Air Sleeve, or something else?

Leather MacBook Air Sleeve, or something else?

Brown Leather MacBook Air Sleeve | Mission Leather Co

Why buy a leather MacBook Air sleeve? There are quite a few MacBook Air cases available and picking one out can be a chore. Below are three reasons you might want a handmade leather MacBook Air sleeve instead of a hard shell. 

  1. Leather MacBook Air sleeves keep your computer looking great. No scratches, no dents, and it’s easy to slide in and out. Your computer is protected, but the sleeve still lets you show off your aluminum computer to the world. It’s simpler than a hard shell case, which is struggle to clip on and then even harder to take off. A hard shell case is also going to get dirty, and sometimes they even scratch the computer upon removal.
  1. Almost no weight is added by a leather sleeve on your MacBook Air. Our sleeves are light, durable, and simple, compared to a hard shell case that will clip on an extra half a pound, or with some cases, a whole pound. There isn’t a great reason to add that kind of weight to the MacBook Air, since one reason you probably bought it is because it’s lightweight. Keeping it lightweight is what the MacBook Air is all about!
  1. A leather MacBook Air sleeve offers great protection, absorbing more impact than any hard shell case. If you drop your MacBook Air in the sleeve, the leather will take a lot of that impact, keeping your Air safe. With a hard shell case, it’s possible upon dropping that it does the same thing as the leather sleeve. But the worst case scenario would be if it pops off because of impact and dents up your computer. Perhaps it stays on but opens your screen to potential damage. Perhaps it allows the impact to warp your computer. Why risk it?  

At the end of the day, a quality handcrafted leather MacBook Air sleeve is generally going to be a better choice than a hard shell case.  You’ll get the most protection and style for your money.

Matt Marciante